Cinematography is a true passion of mine and I feel fortunate to have found such a stimulating career.  I find every aspect of filmmaking fascinating, from the collaboration of artists to the science of optics and light.

My job is to help the director visually interpret his or her ideas by working assiduously with my fellow artist-technicians to make it happen.  I love the fusion of modern technology and human-mind to enable visual storytelling.  Working with a director and a keen team is a wonderful experience.  Creating a comfortable space for actors to open-up and embody foreign lives is a challenging, yet essential task.  Overcoming obstacles, solving problems and discovering art is why I keep coming back for more.

I’ve always been a do-it yourselfer, not for the faux financial benefit, but for the sense of pride and satisfaction one experiences in achieving something.  I build my own camera parts, re-house vintage lenses and hope, one day, to design and grind my own optics.  I believe in the personal touch and the power of fusing one’s energy into the craft.  Gaffer, Yann Duarte whom I respect dearly, once told me, “The great films are comprised of many small details, and it’s the small details that make great film.”  I think of these words often and encourage experimentation, taking-chances, bold decisions and tending to every detail no matter how big or small.